George Killian’s Irish Red

George Killian’s Irish Red is an example of an authentic, all-natural Irish-style red ale. Experienced brewers create Irish Red’s rich red hue and extra flavor by slowly roasting barley at a high temperature into perfectly caramelized malt. In addition to Irish Red’s signature caramel malts, Killian’s uses four types of traditional ale malt for rich flavor without added bitterness. Using no coloring agents or additives, this full-bodied lager is completely authentic.

Irish Red was originally brewed in 1864 and brought to America by Miller Brewing Company in 1981. With a thick, creamy head, plenty of malt flavor and a smooth finish, Killian’s Irish Red has the full flavor to stand alone or can be paired with practically any meal.

Brewed by: MillerCoors Brewing Company
Availability: Year-round
Style: Amber lager
Flavor: Caramel malt
ABV: 4.9%

Nutrition facts:
• 162 calories
• 14.8g carbs

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