St. Pauli Girl Lager is a gold medal-winning brew with a hoppy aroma, golden color, smooth taste and clean finish. It’s brewed from the finest spring barley, ice-age glacier water, hops from the famous “Hallertau Hop Gardens” and a special variety of yeast. The full-bodied taste of St. Pauli Girl is the perfect complement to grilled foods, particularly poultry or pork.

History buffs will be interested to know that St. Pauli Girl was born in Bremen, Germany, in the 12th century. The “St. Pauli” name originates from the ancient St. Paul’s Monastery near which the original St. Pauli Brewery was founded and built in the 17th century. Beer enthusiasts will be pleased to know St. Pauli Girl is brewed with only the finest natural ingredients without compromising quality or taste. St. Pauli Girl is brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516, still in effect throughout Germany today. The decree states: “In particular we wish that from now on, in all towns, markets and villages, nothing more is used for beer than barley malt, hops and water alone.”

Brewed by: St. Pauli Brewer
Availability: Year-round
Style: Lager
Flavor: Smooth, full-bodied
ABV: 4.9%

Nutrition facts:
• 148 calories
• 8.7g carbs

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