Applications for beer aficionados

At Cherokee Distributing Company we love gizmos and gadgets. We grew up on funky yet functional tap knobs, brilliantly colored neon signs and arrays of malt beverage novelties. In 2009 we have found two cool and techno-friendly beer lover applications for the iPhone or iTouch: iBeers Professional and Beer Brands.

With these applications you have thousands of malt beverage products at your fingertips. Search for your favorite brand or find something new based on what makes your taste buds tingle.

Keep scrolling and you will learn the appropriate temperature and glass for serving the beer. Grilling chicken or hamburgers tonight? Find out what beer tastes best with the food you’re serving.

The answers are right there in these extensive databases. Explore and enjoy!

Beer Brands

(Webworks and Applications) Free

Over 7,800 brands

Style, brewery and brewery type

Temperature, fermentation and pasteurization

Random beer feature

Alcohol by volume


(TIITF Software) $3.99

Over 2,700 brands

Brewery, packaging, country of origin

Thousands of user ratings

Add your own beer to database

Easy search

Detailed descriptions

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