Must-see TV – The great fall escape

Posted on September 15, 2010 by Mary Ellen Brewington

Every fall, television networks roll out their new lineups to entice us to stay at home on any given weeknight. This season’s shows are bold and full of variety. A few of these fresh new series have us contemplating: What are the perfect drinks to pair with your soon-to-be favorite shows?

NBC’s Monday night highlight will be the much-anticipated, “The Event.” Premiering Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. EST, this bold suspense-filled series will have you glued to your couch curiously waiting to uncover the mysterious government cover-up. Enjoy a traditional, American craft brew like Samuel Adams Lager or Samuel Adams Octoberfest for a great seasonal beer with a little patriotic spirit.

Bringing back the 70’s with a modern remake is “Hawaii Five-O.” It stars Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan as members of an elite federal task force sweeping crime off the islands. The series begins Sept. 20 on CBS and deserves to be savored with a Pacifico, a beer that is as refreshing as the ocean it celebrates.

“My Generation” is a drama series filmed in a “mockumentary” fashion. Viewers will be introduced to a group of Austin, Texas, natives ten years after their high school graduation. Sweet Leaf Tea, a non-alcoholic refreshment brewed with all natural organic ingredients in Austin, offers a variety of flavors for almost every personality: Original, Citrus, Peach and Mint & Honey – just to name a few. “My Generation” debuts Sept. 23 on ABC.

Finally, the hilarious Emmy Award-winning show “Modern Family” returns to ABC on Sept. 22 for its second season. The comedic genius of creators Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd takes us on a satirical ride through the lives of “One big (straight, gay, multi-cultural, traditional) happy family.” Bartles & Jaymes malt-based coolers – Fuzzy Navel, Margarita and Strawberry Daiquiri – will tickle your taste buds as much as this show tickles your funny bone.

The new season of TV entertainment gives us a perfect way to escape on the shorter days and longer nights of fall. And, Cherokee Distributing Company offers a variety of beverages for you to sip on while you watch your favorite must-see TV this season. So friends, pour a drink; sit back and relax; and enjoy the shows!

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