Home for the holidays

Posted on November 11, 2011 by Mary Ellen Brewington

Thanksgiving is the official kickoff of the holiday season. The five weeks between November 24 and January 1 will be full of fireside celebrations and spontaneous, friendly neighbor drop-ins. There’s an opportunity for a party at any moment. Cherokee Distributing wants you to be the perfectly prepared host with libations and refreshments easily on hand.

Newcastle Brown Ale and Heineken both offer home draught kegs. These 5-liter cans fit easily in the refrigerator and serve up to 20 pints of chilled beer. Once opened these draught kegs will stay fresh for 30 days. When guests pop in your home, set out a tray of specialty cheese, smoked meats and crackers. These tasty refreshments serve up deliciously with the flavors of Newcastle Brown Ale and Heineken. Kroger, The Fresh Market and Earth Fare have a wide variety of cheese and smoked meats to suit many tastes and to pair perfectly with a cold glass of one of these brews.

Miller Lite and Coors Light Home Drafts also rest easily on your refrigerator shelf. These 1.5-gallon systems stay fresh for one month, so you can keep them on hand this holiday season to tap into the smooth taste of a cold beer at a moment’s notice. The frozen section of Sam’s Club has a selection of delicious appetizers and hors d’oeuvres that you can store in your freezer and heat up in a snap. Keep a few beer mugs and pint glasses chilled in your freezer too, and when friends drop in they will feel like you have been preparing all day for their arrival.

This holiday season, enjoy precious time with friends and family. When guests stop by, don’t slave over a hot stove. Have some quick snacks and refreshing beers on hand to serve, and then join the party!

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