The skinny on New Year beer resolutions

Posted on January 6, 2012 by Mary Ellen Brewington

Many of us dedicate the month of January as a time to rewind holiday indulgences. We resolve to exercise more and consume less – especially of the sugar plum sweets variety.

With a commitment to make several small changes during the long, cold months of winter, we’ll be jazzed up like spring chickens by March – and maybe a little slimmer, trimmer and healthier!

This New Year, resolve to practice your backstroke at an indoor swimming pool, to kick up your hills at a Zumba or ballroom dancing class, or to stretch and relax more with yoga or Pilates.

If you decide to cut back on some calories, Cherokee Distributing recommends several tasty, low-calorie alternatives to quench your thirst.  And, these are all American classics – brewed in the U.S.A.

Miller Lite was introduced in 1973 and grew to be known as the first mainstream light beer. A little known fact that only few of us may remember is that Knoxville was one of the original test markets for Miller Lite. An award-winning, American-style lager, this light beer has only 96 calories per serving.

Coors Light is known for its Rocky Mountain birthplace and its 2-Stage Cold Activation system. As the “Cold” and “Super Cold” bars on your Coors Light can or bottle turn blue, you’ll know when your beer is at its coldest – and its best – to enjoy it at the peak of refreshment. Coors Light pours in at 102 calories per serving.

MGD 64 represents another calorie-conscious innovation from our friends at MillerCoors. With only 64 calories per 12-ounce serving, this crisp beer is a perfect complement to your healthy New Year’s resolutions. Brewed in a cold filtered process, MGD 64 gives that “Fresh From the Tap Taste” without that heavy beer bloat.

Here’s a look back into the On Tap archives for some additional lower calorie malt beverage recommendations:

Cheers to 2012! May your year be filled with health and a wealth of good times with good friends.

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