Cheers to the Olympics!

Posted on July 24, 2012 by Andrew Tanker

The countdown is on. Just a few days remain until the start of 2012’s most anticipated sporting event – the London Olympics!

How will you celebrate the U.S. medal haul? If you still don’t have plans, it’s time to set up a Facebook event for you and your friends to get a Watch Party on tap. And speaking of on tap, Cherokee Distributing Company has a few medal-winning beers to quench your Olympic fever: Beers from all over the globe dot the Cherokee Distributing map from America’s Founding Fathers, Miller Lite and Pabst Blue Ribbon to the host country’s Boddington’s Pub Ale; Germany’s Spaten; Japan’s Asahi Super Dry; Foster’s from the land down under; and Molson and Sol from our neighbors to the north and south.

Before you watch Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte battle for gold in the pool; the three-headed race between the Americans, Russians and Chinese for supremacy in gymnastics; or the photo finish in the 100m dash between defending champion Usain Bolt and University of Tennessee’s own Justin Gatlin, check out the list of beers Cherokee distributes in East Tennessee and plan a celebratory toast.

If you haven’t had enough soccer this summer from Euro 2012, you’re in luck. Unfortunately the U.S. Men’s National Team didn’t make the cut for 2012, but Spain, Great Britainand Brazil will be back on the international stage. Enjoy every 90-minutes of action with a Boddington’s Pub Ale from the host nation and see if Great Britain can break its 100-year drought from the top of the podium. On the women’s side, it would be difficult not to envision a U.S.-Japan rematch with a Pabst Blue Ribbon in hand … or Asahi if you’re rooting for the team from the other side of the Pacific.

Was it the Red Stripe beer that made Usain bolt to the finish line so fast? Most Volunteers in Knoxville will be wearing orange and screaming for Gatlin, but if you want to be like the rest of the world toasting Red Stripe bottles during the Jamaican-dominated sprinting events, pass a few out to your friends as you wait to see who will be crowned the World’s Fastest Man and Woman.

Phelps and Lochte have been neck and neck in qualifying all summer and promise to deliver for Team USA in several swimming events. Maybe you can’t swim as fast as the two medal winners, but you can still take to the pool to relax after watching the races. We suggest Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat and Mike’s Hard Lemonade for a summer refresher.

The last time the U.S. lost the overall medal count was 1992 in Barcelona, but Team China bested the American’s gold medal total in Beijing and is predicted to topple them this year in London. You could crack open a Tsingtao while the anthem is played following China’s expected victories in table tennis, gymnastics and diving – or just have one in humble tribute to the anticipated victors for the Closing Ceremony on Aug. 12. But if the U.S. comes from behind and pulls off another Olympic victory, be sure to check out the selection from Founding Fathers and toast to the stars and stripes at your next party!

Two weeks is a long time to watch TV and party though, so get in on the Olympic action and stay active this summer. No, you can’t dunk like Lebron James, spike a volleyball like Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh or shoot a bow and arrow like Team Korea, but you can still run to a track and race your friends for glory, out-lift them at the gym or try to serve an ace against your tennis rival like Rafael Nadal. And, because temperatures throughout the country are going to reach triple digits during the summer, non-alcoholic Vidration Recover water will cool you down after going for gold.

Opening ceremonies begin July 27, and medals will be handed out as soon as July 28, so get on your preferred social media, start texting and emailing your friends to plan an Olympic Watch Party. With beers from across the globe, you can prepare an international smorgasbord representing the various countries represented during the record-breaking coverage by NBC – including some good ole domestic classics to cheer on Team America.


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