Craft beer’s makeover: Can you dig it?

Posted on August 12, 2013 by Andi Overby

Forbes Magazine calls it an “Aluminum Revolution,” and it’s quickly transforming my beer aisle preferences.

I can probably vouch for most when I express my disappointment of not being able to enjoy my favorite craft beer poolside due to the universal safety rule of “No Glass.”

But now, many brews that were available only in bottles are hitting the shelves in cans. With canned craft beers quickly gaining in popularity, the time has come to leave your bottle openers at home. All you need for a relaxing day is the sun, a smile and a six-pack of canned goodness.

The Boston Beer Co. is leading the way with a new larger-sized can that comes with plenty of ergonomic perks. A wider lid allows drinkers to fully capture the classic hoppy aroma of the company’s chief brew, Samuel Adams Boston Lager.

Several other craft breweries have embraced the convenient packaging, including Abita Brewing Co. and Pilsner Urquell.

Canned Angry Orchard Crisp Apple and Woodchuck Amber Draft Cider preserve the crisp, fizzy apple taste you expect from the bottled version, and Harpoon IPA and both Big River’s Pilsner and IPA are also now available in canned version of the bottled classics.

One of my favorites is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The taste stays true to the brand’s bottled version, but the canned brew is perfect to take on a boat ride across one of East Tennessee’s beautiful lakes. A key benefit of the packaging: Cans stay cooler. They also chill faster, weigh less and stack in your cooler better than longnecks – making cans a great option when packing for the pool, lake or beach trip.

And as we transition from summer to autumn, look for your favorite fall seasonal brews in cans. This year, the crowd-pleasing Samuel Adams Octoberfest is available in cans. This delicious craft brew celebrates the season, and in its new canned format, is perfect to bring along to tailgate parties this football season or to the first campfire of the year.

At home, I may opt for a bottled brew, but cans make it easy to enjoy craft brews at many of your favorite outdoor gatherings and watering holes. Looking for your personal favorite? has more than 1,000 individual brews listed in its Cantastic Database, and I’m sure there are more to come.

So, think outside the bottle on your next beer run and try a canned craft brew! And, as always, enjoy responsibly.

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