Sammies and Suds for National Sandwich Day

Posted on November 2, 2013 By Chelsea Morgan

At Cherokee Distributing Company, we appreciate great food almost as much as we enjoy an ice cold brew. (Really, how can you resist a Guinness Original Extra Stout at this time of the year?) Any excuse to pair delicious beers with equally tasty food is welcomed, so it probably comes as no surprise that we’re very excited for the Nov. 3 celebration of National Sandwich Day.

Now, this isn’t your typical bologna sandwich we’re rejoicing about, friends. From delicious twists on the classic grilled cheese to the delectable New England lobster roll, we’re fully celebrating National Sandwich Day and taking the opportunity to enjoy a few of our favorite beers – a food-and-drink pairing that comes together perfectly.

When craving a sub or sandwich for lunch, embrace the spirit of the holiday by indulging in a bite off the traditional menu. Try a sandwich with strong flavors. For instance, the distinct flavor combination of this roasted tomato and gorgonzola open-faced sandwich stands on its own. But even better, the robust flavors of this meal are perfectly matched by the mildly sweet flavors of Abita Brewing Company’s Andygator.

In the case of this spicy rendition of the Philly cheesesteak, the sandwich is elevated beyond its traditional form, substituting pepper jack in place of the typical provolone cheese and adding chipotle mayo. Pair this sandwich with Blackstone’s American Pale Ale, and you’ve got a splendid way to celebrate Sandwich Day.

In addition to great pairings, another way we enjoy celebrating National Sandwich Day is to bring beer and sandwiches together during the cooking process. For instance, before turning to the griddle, whip up a beer batter to lightly coat your grilled cheese. We recommend using a good ale like Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale, along with a dash of flour, chili powder and one egg. While you’re in the beer battering mood, go ahead and try this fried fish sandwich recipe, too, but don’t forget to savor it with an ice cold brew.

No matter which sandwich (and beer) you choose, be sure to celebrate National Sandwich Day to the fullest. We’re sure you’ll agree that a cold brew may just be the best thing to happen to the sandwich since sliced bread! And, as always, drink responsibly.

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