Embrace the chill with winter-ready brews

Snowfall, ice, wind chills of negative degrees and the polar vortex made the start of 2014’s winter season a force to be reckoned with for anyone venturing outside — including here in the crisp zero degree weather across East Tennessee.

Once safe and snug at home, after braving the arctic chill throughout the day, we at Cherokee Distributing Company found a new appreciation for the winter-ready brew.

In fact, it became a challenge of sorts to choose from the great selection of robust, cold weather beers our suppliers have provided. Here are a few (of many!) of our favorites:

MillerCoorsMiller Lite: This longtime choice among light beer drinkers was well ahead of the weather with its design. Miller Lite’s Vortex Bottle is an ideal way to spend the evening enduring the polar vortex that iced the country. With specially designed grooves inside the neck, the Vortex Bottle accentuates Miller Lite’s great pilsner taste.

Boston Beer Company’s Samuel Adams Thirteenth Hour Stout: The 13th hour is also known as the witching hour, so this is the perfect brew to sip while reading about other people’s winter adventures. As sub-freezing temperatures engulfed the country, individuals previously unexposed to such frosty conditions began acting a bit strangely.

Several attempted to make their own snow by throwing boiling water into the air, but wind direction and water don’t always mix well. An escapee returned to jail seeking respite from the cold, and beet juice, molasses and cheese brine were tossed into streets in an effort to thaw icy roads.

Indulging in a chilled and tasty brew indoors is the ideal way to handle the cold, so try the bold yet delicious combination of 13 ingredients that make up Sam Adam’s great tasting Thirteenth Hour Stout.

Highland Brewing Company’s Black Mocha Stout: This beer can offset how truly frigid the beginning of 2014 has been for us. A frosty brew is an ideal way to spend the evening after a day’s work or a day off (or two) due to icy terrain, so counter the recent freeze with a savory cold weather beer. We recommend thawing out with Highland’s Black Mocha Stout featuring chocolate and coffee flavors in a black-colored brew – perfect for a cozy night in front of the fire.

How frigid was it to start the New Year? Polar bears were forced inside because it was too cold and Chicago, Ill., recorded temperatures colder than those on Mars.

So stay safe, stay warm and, as always, drink responsibly.

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