Keeping America beautiful one brew at a time

Keep America BeautifulFrom rolling hills to picturesque sunsets and majestic mountain views, East Tennessee is a beautiful place to live and visit. This month is dedicated to “Keep America Beautiful” and that is a reason to celebrate and salute our suppliers.

Keeping Knoxville beautiful is also of upmost importance, and we applaud the eco-friendly efforts of East Tennesseans. Our community is committed to an energy-efficient and environmentally conscious footprint and so are our suppliers in this region and across the country.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company has been a trailblazer in protecting the environment and promotion of eco-friendly practices. The brewery, located in Chico, California, is home to one of the largest privately owned solar panel arrays in the country. Comprised of 10,573 panels, the brewery is able to fulfill 20 percent of its energy needs from solar power. Support the Sierra Nevada cause by popping the top on a classic Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, or kick it up a notch with a high gravity selection, Sierra Nevada Torpedo.

Creating the first-ever 100 percent recyclable aluminum can in 1959 was just the start of eco-friendly efforts by MillerCoors. Dedicated to reducing packaging weight and waste, MillerCoors has been strategizing to reduce packaging by 2 percent by 2015. After a great deal of effort and teamwork, MillerCoors has already surpassed that goal. In addition, it reuses or recycles 99 percent of brewery waste. So, crack open an ice-cold bottle of Coors, the “Banquet Beer,” or an American classic, Miller Lite, and toast the accomplishments.

Asheville, North Carolina, is home to some of the most scenic views in the South. It is also home to Highland Brewing Company, which has invested $50,000 in a high-efficiency boiler to reduce both energy consumption and water use. Also, all of the brewery’s shipments are made in one day to avoid having to use refrigerated trucks. Celebrate Highland Brewing Company’s eco-friendly initiatives by enjoying an ice cold Highland Kashmir IPA or enjoy the richness of the Highland Black Mocha Stout.

Located in historic Jonesborough, Tennessee, Depot Street Brewing uses an eco-friendly, energy-efficient approach at every step in the process, from brewing to delivery. The brewery uses fluorescent lights, radiant floor heat from the hot water heater and recycles plastic six-pack holders. The spent grain from the beer brewing process is used for feeding local cattle and a small amount is used to make delicious bread. You can try some at Scratch Bakery in Johnson City. Depot Street delivery trucks even use Biodiesel fuel made from vegetable oil. Toast to these green practices with a pint of smooth Depot Street Eurail Gold or a glass of rich Depot Street Roundabout Rye Stout.

Protecting our environment is an important responsibility, and we are proud of the efforts of our friends and suppliers. Please always do your part by recycling bottles, cans and cardboard packaging, and join us as we work to keep East Tennessee beautiful.

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