Seven days to celebrate craft beer

Craft brews are packed with flavor and imagination, and the craft beer revolution has taken the country on a palate-pleasing journey. It seems fitting that these complex, yet accessible, beverages get a week of celebration May 12-18.

Since it is officially American Craft Beer Week, we have compiled a daily selection of brews so you can enjoy a craft beer every day this week.

May 12: It’s Monday! Why not savor the supremely smooth, complex flavor of Flying Dog Brewery’s Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager. Fermented at medium temperatures to create a hybrid of lager and ale characteristics, this unique beer is brewed in the “Steam-Style” tradition. Start off American Craft Beer Week right and soak in the succulent honey-caramel aroma and well-balanced citrus notes of Old Scratch.

May 13: For a darker, decadent flavor try French Broad Anvil Porter on Tuesday. Brewed by Asheville, North Carolina’s French Broad Brewing Company, this gem of the Southeast has a distinctively sweet taste. Dark-roasted malts blend with chocolate and toffee notes to form a complex, yet light, porter.

May 14: Samuel Adams has been creating craft brews since 1984, and Rebel IPA is one of its best. This West Coast-style ale delivers smooth drinkability and All-American hops. Packed with citrus notes and subtle sweetness, Rebel IPA will make for a refreshing Wednesday.

May 15: Pour an ice-cold Depot Street Loose Caboose Lager that pops on Thursday. Handcrafted in small batches to ensure robust flavor, Depot Street Brewery has high standards for craft beer. This Dortmunder German style lager boasts plenty of malt character accompanied by light hops to craft a well-rounded taste.

May 16: Cheers to the weekend! Enjoy the refreshing taste of Catawba White Zombie Ale. Pairing two-row barley and unmalted wheat, Catawba Valley Brewing Company crafts an authentic Belgian style white ale. Orange peel and light carbonation make this brew the perfect way to unwind on Friday.

May 17: Celebrate Saturday and pop the top on a hard cider that is committed to a great cause. Woodchuck Private Reserve Pink was inspired by a cider maker’s personal story after his wife survived breast cancer. The Vermont Hard Cider Company made a $50,000 dollar donation to Survivorship NOW, a national nonprofit created by Dragonheart Vermont. Woodchuck Pink sports a pink label to raise awareness for breast cancer survivors. It even has a pinkish hue derived from grape skin extract.

May 18: End Craft Beer Week with a flavor-packed favorite Sunday. Highland Gaelic Ale is an American-style ale that strikes the perfect balance between bitterness and sweetness. Highland Brewing Company artfully blends premium hops to make this brew highly drinkable.

While American Craft Beer Week may only last seven days, you can enjoy your favorite choices year-round. As always, drink responsibly, and cheers to craft beer ingenuity!