Reenergizing Redd’s in 2017

Redd’s is kick starting the energy behind its brand in 2017 by launching three new flavors just in time for Valentine’s Day. The three new flavors coming from Redd’s this year are Blueberry Ale, Raspberry Ale and the limited pick Peach Ale. Redd’s Blueberry Ale will be available year round and in 12 pack bottles.

This Valentine’s Day will be the first time Redd’s will be able to show off the new Blueberry Ale to consumers in a big way. Banking on the statistic that millennial males spend more than $175 dollars on Valentines Day, Redd’s is a great addition to the perfect date night.

Whether you are a millennial male or not, make your Valentine’s date night complete with a Redd’s Ale product and be sure to check out their other delicious new flavors!