Happy Repeal Day!


On this day in 1933, the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, repealing the 18th Amendment and bringing an end to the era of national prohibition of alcohol in America.

It’s worth celebrating this day because without it, Cherokee Distributing Company wouldn’t exist. A lot has changed in the 84 years since Prohibition was ended. The landscape of the beer industry has changed dramatically, and so has our company.

It has been almost 60 years since Cherokee Distributing Company was established by our founder George W. Sampson in 1958. In that time, Cherokee has grown from a single distributorship with four trucks and seven employees in Knoxville, Tennessee to employing over 400 employees with six distribution centers that stretch from Kingsport to Pulaski. What hasn’t changed in that time is our dedication to customer service.

Providing the freshest, highest quality beverages and serving our local communities across 61 counties in our state remains our top priority. We are proud of our rich heritage and extensive experience that allows us to quickly respond to the ever-changing needs of today’s marketplace. Thank you for letting us continue to serve our state every day by sharing the High Life. Happy Repeal Day!