Let’s get spooky

Pumpkin-Beer1As a child, Halloween meant door-to-door races to get the most candy from our neighbors and getting outfitted in the best costumes. As an adult, Halloween becomes less about candy and more about enjoying an adult beverage with friends after negotiating a corn maze.

The Knoxville area has plenty to offer this week for those who have outgrown trick-or-treating but still want to celebrate Halloween.


Take a Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tour and use authentic paranormal investigation technology. After using your gadgets to explore Knoxville’s spooky history, try an Angry Orchard Strawman, the hard cider that blends the old world with modern brewing.

For an evening of fun and the chance to sample a variety of beverages, show off your Halloween costume at seven different bars and clubs during the Freakers Ball Bar Crawl in the Old City in downtown Knoxville while enjoying a different beer at each stop.

Freakevil is one of the hottest Halloween parties in Knoxville. With 13 DJs on three stages, this festive event starts on Halloween and lasts well past midnight.

Frightmare Manor is the home of The Money Back Haunt in Morristown. Successfully complete all five of Frightmare’s attractions, and you get your money back. After braving all five attractions, use your refund to forget the horrors you witnessed by downing a Rogue Dead Guy Ale.

Keep the festivities going by getting lost in a corn maze at Oakes Farm in Corryton and Deep Well Farm in Lenoir City. After finding your way out, celebrate with Laughing Skull Amber Ale or Catawba White Zombie Ale and their well-themed labels.

Halloween is for all ages, so explore your spooky side this week. And, as always, drink responsibly. Boo!