Great beer? Bottoms up!

Thanks to Lauren Miller of Moxley Carmichael for writing this guest post.  –Mary Ellen Brewington.

Fat BottomFat Bottom Brewing: The name is playful, bold, maybe a little irreverent. It gets a Queen lyric stuck in my head (Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin’ world go round … ), and that’s fine by me.

It also epitomizes in many ways what I have come to love about the culture of the craft beer movement – be different and celebrate what you are as an independent, creative business; have fun; and take risks.

This fall when my husband, John, and I were headed to Nashville to attend a wedding, we were looking for a Friday night activity. We both enjoy a good beer, and we had learned about Fat Bottom Brewing when Cherokee Distributing Company brought the brews here to East Tennessee.

We’ve found that visiting a craft brewery is a great way to experience something local in a new city. Nashville, for us, wasn’t completely new, but that’s what made the relatively young brewery even more appealing. After visiting many of our state capital’s famous landmarks and tourist sites in the past, we were excited to venture off the beaten path.

Fat Bottom did not disappoint: friendly staff; a cool, comfortable vibe – thanks in great part to the brewery’s distinctively cheeky (no pun intended) branding; and most importantly, great beer on tap. Fat Bottom does craft beers right, with a selection of brews featuring flavor profiles that are distinctive from your average sixer from the beer cooler – they promised us a few unique twists – but still had us finishing each glass with an exhale of “Ah!”

They delivered on Fat Bottom’s promise of “bolder, sexier beer.”

If you have the opportunity to visit East Nashville, we recommend you stop and grab a pint (or two or three) at Fat Bottom’s taproom. In the meantime, here’s a glimpse into our experience at this great brewery. And look for Fat Bottom products around Knoxville. You can enjoy the best part – the beer – without leaving town.


20141017_171901 (800x610)

The atmosphere was fun and welcoming as soon as we walked in the door. Notice the sign: “Bottoms Up!”


20141017_140216 (515x800)

We got a chance to peek at the brewery’s canning area. Here’s John getting excited about the plethora of good beer on site.


20141017_172001 (800x471)

Then we headed straight to the Taproom.


20141017_172943 (800x496)

From a seat at the bar, we could see all the beers on tap – and the great merchandise for sale. We later got a couple of T-shirts and a pint glass.


20141017_174234 (542x800)

After perusing the beer menu, we were excited to get a beer flight so we could sample all the options.


20141017_172809 (800x563)

Taylor Easterwood, the house manager at the Fat Bottom Taproom, served us and answered any questions we had about the brewery.


20141017_172504 (800x524)

Here’s a close-up of that yummy beer flight. My favorites were the Piney Munich and the Bertha Oatmeal Stout. John liked the Red Betty, a mix of the Ruby and the Black Betty.


20141017_180714 (800x496)

Cheers! John and I are enjoying another round.


20141017_180128 (800x543)

Here’s a tip: Eat there, too. I wish we had planned to have dinner while we were there. The kitchen was hopping, and the menu looks delicious.


20141017_185252 (800x478)

Outside in the courtyard area, some folks were playing cornhole, and a band was setting up to play.


20141017_171921 (800x754)

I think the Bertha logo is my favorite, though they’re all neat. Look for these logos around town and enjoy a Fat Bottom brew!