Will you ‘beer’ my Valentine?

2015-02 Cherokee WBIR Valenine's Day - MIRANDAAs heart-filled weekend plans are finalized, we’ve got some tips and ideas for festive gifts and beverages that will help your Valentine’s Day be one to remember.

First, a fun creative gift for your sweetheart doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. In fact, it can be as easy as grabbing a pick-six mix-and-match pack from the grocery or liquor store to create a fun selection of beers. Show some extra love by decorating it and then give the six pack as a “Will You Beer My Valentine?” gift.


This is also a great way to grab a selection of beers that pair well with several courses of a romantic dinner. Our suggestions:

  • Sierra Nevada Hoppy Lager goes well with sharp cheeses like bleu cheese or sharp white cheddar if you’re serving a cheese plate or charcuterie board for appetizers.
  • Carson’s RIPA and Abita Wrought Iron IPA are IPAs or India Pale Ales, and the bitter hops in these beers pair well with fish, perhaps a lovely pink salmon or lobster tails.
  • Smuttynose Old Brown Dog and Newcastle Scotch Ale are darker ales that complement smoked meats if you’re grilling a steak dinner for your sweetheart.
  • Angry Orchard Hop n’ Mad is a gluten-free cider that goes well with desserts like carrot cake, cupcakes or other sweet treats for your sweetie!


2015-02 Cherokee WBIR Valenine's Day - ORIGINAL

Beer and food pairings on the set of WBIR-TV Channel 10.


If you’re staying in for the evening, there are lots of fun beer cocktails to serve at a party or for an after-dinner drink. The “Chocolate Covered Cherry” is one of my favorites, and it’s sure to be well-received at a Girls’ Night Out, hanging out with the guys or at any Valentine’s Day gathering. Just follow these easy steps:


Finally, we have a festive, nonalcoholic option – perfect for parties with kids and designated drivers. This is a special Valentine’s Day version of a Shirley Temple with fun Pop Rocks rim. Just follow these steps:

  • Dip the rim of the glass in cream of coconut. You can find a can of this sweet stuff in your grocery store.
  • Rim the glass with pink or red Pop Rocks. They’ll stick to the cream of coconut.
  • Pour in ginger ale and a dash of grenadine syrup.
  • Garnish with a cherry and serve.


To see these tips in action, check out this clip from WBIR-TV Channel 10:

Have fun this Valentine’s Day. And, remember the best gift you can give your loved ones is to be safe and drink responsibly. Cheers!