Great Beer. Great Responsibility.

At Cherokee Distributing Company, responsibility is a priority, and we pledge to always push that initiative forward in the communities we serve. Whether our consumers are cheering on their favorite sports team, ringing in the new year or celebrating an exciting event, we want every fun outing to end safely at home.

Because of our commitment to safety, we fully embrace the motto of our friends and flagship beer partners at MillerCoors, “Great Beer. Great Responsibility.” This campaign seeks to expand the reach of alcohol responsibility programs to the public. The initiative encourages the public to take an online pledge that states: “I pledge to always take a cab, bus, train, or to have or be a designated driver because great beer comes with great responsibility.” With an end goal of 20 million pledges by 2020, MillerCoors already has received 15.1 million commitments through its safe ride home programs.

Every two minutes a person is injured in a drunk driving accident. Because of that staggering statistic we have decided to put this campaign at the forefront of everything we do at Cherokee Distributing Company. This mission is so important to us that we have added the “Great Beer. Great Responsibility.” message to the top of our website so that it can serve as a reminder to our consumers. We also have partnered with MillerCoors to run public service announcements promoting the campaign on WATE-TV Channel 6 this fall and winter. Here’s a PSA currently running on WATE:

We are passionate about celebration; it is one reason that we are in the distribution business. Celebrations and milestones are filled with love, joy and companionship, and the gatherings often feature great beer and many of our products. While we encourage and enjoy festive occasions of all kinds, alcohol responsibility is essential in keeping our loved ones safe and prioritizing the safety of others.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy our products while celebrating something or someone, and we also hope you will join our mission with MillerCoors and remember with great beer comes great responsibility. Click here to sign the pledge.