Miller Lite: The Original Light Beer

The pursuit for the perfect pilsner started in Germany in the 1850’s when Frederick Miller tried a lager for the first time. In 1855, Miller found himself next to the Great Lakes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin founding the Miller Brewing Company. Fast-forward over 100 years to 1975 to when the Original Lite beer was born. Not only did Miller invent the light beer but also blazed the trails for every other light beer in the market. With the highest quality ingredients and greater attention to detail, the less filling and great tasting Miller Lite stands apart from the crowd of imitators in the light beer game.

Today, many other comparable light beer brands boast about the seemingly superior nutritional value of their products that promote a healthy and active lifestyle. The focus of these light beer advertisements and marketing campaigns can be misleading to the consumer. The focus is directed to make it appear that their light beer tips the scales in areas like calories and carbs. But in reality, it is not a point of parity when compared to Miller Lite. When Miller Lite goes head to head with the next leading light beer, the competition has 0.6 fewer carbs and only one fewer calorie. Not much to boast about.

Instead of focusing on the nutritional facts on the outside of the can like other light beers, Miller Lite pays attention to what goes inside the can. MillerCoors’ brewmasters go to great lengths to ensure quality and consistency in the 21-day brewing process of Miller Lite. That begins with the purest water, the choice of Saaz and Galena hops and the same strain of yeast Fredrick Miller used in the beginning back in the homeland. It’s these details that make Miller Lite a success and the results are hard to hide.

Miller Lite has more gold medals than any other light beer in the market. Out of thirty other entrants in the Great American Beer Festival, Miller Lite won gold for American style lager in 2010 and 2014. Miller Lite also won gold in the first ever World Beer Cup for American Style Light Lager in 1996. Additionally, it won four more times in ’98, ’02, ’06 and again in ’16. The competition can’t say the same. But what else would you expect from the people who invented the Lite beer? Always great tasting, always less filling Miller Lite.