Why Does Food Taste So Good With Beer?

Beer and wine were not created equal. And beer has been treated that way for centuries, taking a back seat to its seemingly more sophisticated big brother. This is evidenced at a restaurant or dinner table with the age old question of “which wine would you pair with this?” is asked to a waiter or sommelier. Over the last five years though, this has slowly been replaced by “which beer would pair well with this meal?” as beverage directors and chefs have thoughtfully added beer to the top of the menu. As seen in the rise of beer dinners, beer festivals and tastings that show off a brews complementary and contrasting flavors with certain foods, beer and those who make it are receiving a new found appreciation and respect for their craft.

But why does food taste so good with beer? And arguably even better than wine? The answer is not simple but this article from Epicurious does an excellent job of explaining the wide varieties of flavors in beer and how different beers can pair so well with certain types of food. Check out the article and begin experimenting at your next meal!