Everyday is National Beer Day! That’s what we think at least.. But why not designate a single day once a year to celebrate our beloved beverage – like a birthday of sorts.

But April 7 marks more than just National Beer Day. It marks the day that the Cullen-Harrison Act was officially signed into law on April 7, 1933. The Cullen-Harrison Act allowed people to buy, sell and drink beer up to 4.05% ABV, helping bring around the demise of Prohibition which would officially end on December 5, 1933. Records show that Americans enjoyed 1.5 million barrels on beer that day. And of the many things people celebrated on that April 7th, one was the ultimate return of breweries.

In 1873, the United States was home to more than 4,100 breweries. But 50 years later during the 13 years of Prohibition, that number would drop to zero. It took 80 years to regain the pre-Prohibition number of breweries and in 2015 the U.S. brewery count hit 4,144, the highest since Prohibition. And the good news is that it’s still growing. New breweries are popping up every day across the country bringing beer lovers exciting new tastes, flavors, smells and experiences in every pint. So grab your favorite brew and raise a glass to the past to celebrate #NationalBeerDay.