Clean Water, Clean Beer

If beer is 95% water, then that water needs to be 100% awesome.

Clean water and clean waterways are crucial to good tasting beer. Without clean water, there isn’t a brewery in the world that can make good beer. The water in Washington County, where Yee Haw receives some of its water, is low in mineral content which is why their Dunkel and Pilsner are so good. What better reason to ensure our water is clean, right?

Yee Haw has partnered with two local East Tennessee organizations (Tennessee Clean Water Network and Syndicate Fly Fishing) as well as local businesses to promote and bring awareness to protecting our local and regional watersheds.

Tennessee Clean Water Network is publicly funded/501(c)(3) non-profit whose goal is to “Empower Tennessean’s to exercise their right to clean water and healthy communities by fostering civic engagement, building partnerships and advancing, and when necessary enforcing, water policy for a sustainable future.”

Let’s do a quick recap. If the earth is about 70% water, and the human body is roughly 60% water don’t you think it’s important that we take care of our rivers, streams, lakes and oceans that provide us with so many resources? I think so. The next time you jump in the shower, or water your yard or drink a glass of water from the faucet, remember that it is only possible because we have safe, clean water.

Let’s work to keep it that way and help chip in to what Tennessee Clean Water Network and Syndicate Fly Fishing are trying to accomplish. Check out the events that are being held to help raise awareness in Knoxville and Tri-Cities. Oh yeah, and did we mention you have a chance to win a custom fly rod from Syndicate? In the meantime, crack open a cold Yee Haw and thank your lucky stars for clean water.  Cheers.


Wild Wing Cafe 7/27

Cootie Browns 7/28

Food City #629 8/3

Model City 8/5

Hyperion 8/8

50/Fifty – September TBD



Mind Yer P’s and Qs  7/27

SoKno Taco 7/27

Hard Knox  8/1

Carolina Ale House  8/2

Barley’s Maryville  8/7

Bearden Beer Market  8/8

Crafter’s Beer Market  8/9

Hops and Hollers  8/10