From the First Course to Dessert, 4 Brews to Pair With Your Thanksgiving Feast

No holiday on the calendar is more of a testament to the American identity than Thanksgiving. While historians debate the true origins of the holiday, the rest of us gather with loved ones, consume massive quantities of food and sack out on the couch to watch football. What could be more American than that?

Since Thanksgiving is basically our only holiday that revolves around food, you shouldn’t settle for mediocrity when picking the perfect beer to accompany each course. There is such a wide variety of brews that pair so much better with food than say wine or spirits. Besides, what do you think the original pilgrims washed down their turkey with? It’s far more likely that it was a good hearty ale than a white wine.


Blackberry Farm Saison – This bright, spicy and crisp golden-hued beer is champagne-like in effervescence and perfect for the season. With hints of citrus peel and ginger, farmhouse ales and saisons have a firm balance of bitter and sweet. They pair with light salads as a first course, and seasonal fall desserts. As part of a main course accompaniment featuring roasted chicken or turkey, you’ll find the subtle complexities of this style worth journeying through a meal with.


 Celebration IPA –  Famous for its citrus and pine aromas, Celebration Ale is bold and intense. Brewed for decades, it always proves to be really versatile, pairing well with turkey and all the fixings. Celebration Ale is one of the earliest examples of an American-style IPA and one of the few hop-forward holiday beers. Look to this brew as your go-to all around libation.


 Stella Artois – Stella Artois has been perfecting their Belgian craft for over 600 years. A premium lager, Stella is great for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons because that’s what it was originally brewed for. The Artois Brewery was so beloved internationally and locally, a special batch was created as a Christmas gift to their hometown people of Leuven, Belgium. That batch was the first to officially include “Stella” in its name, meaning star in Latin. Stella Artois’ crisp, dry character makes it perfect for complementing rich dishes without overwhelming the complex balances of these flavors.


Stone Xocoveza – When the turkey has been devoured and the main courses have been consumed, it’s time to top of the meal with a great dessert. Look no further than the Stone Xocoveza to warm you up while satisfying your sweet tooth. This Imperial Mocha Stout was inspired by Mexican hot chocolate and brewed with cocoa, coffee, pasilla peppers, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. Layered with smooth roastiness, semisweet chocolate and a touch of spice, Stone Xocoveza is sure to impress with its mocha tasting notes and creamy finish.