A Super Blue Blood Moon Celebration!

The universe is giving us a reason for a party, January 31st, the second full moon in this month.

Commonly known as a “blue moon” this one will coincide with another interstellar phenomenon: A Super Blue Blood Moon. According to experts this has not occurred in over 150 years. This convergence of the uncommon is a cause for a stellar-bration!

The full super moon will appear larger and brighter than usual. On top of that the moon will appear to be an orange/red as the earth passes between the sun and moon.  A total lunar eclipse! Blue Moon + Super Moon + Lunar Eclipse = A marvelous night for a moon dance “party” ala Van Morrison.

Create your guest list. Create your play list including songs like:

  • Man on the Moon- R.E.M.
  • Take Me to the Moon- Frank Sinatra
  • Bark at the Moon- Ozzy Osborn
  • Dancing in the Moonlight- King of Harvest
  • Bad Moon Rising Creedance- Clearwater Revival

Google moon songs for more playlist inspiration.

Now for some cosmic brews:

  • Blue Moon Belgian Ale top with a slice of orange
  • Stella Artois
  • And for our designated drivers blood orange Italian soda over ice topped with an orange peel and a sprig of rosemary

Serve up some nibbles including Swiss cheese and crackers, Moon Pies, use a moon and a star cookie cutter to make your themed finger sandwiches.

Grab your friends, enjoy a midweek “once in a blue moon” stellar-bration!