St. Patrick’s Day: Myths Debunked and a Recipe For Irish Guinness Brown Bread

Once a year on March 17th, everyone is given the chance to be Irish for a day and to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. People around the globe share in the rich Irish heritage that their ancestors passed down from generation to generation. Customs centuries old, such as preparing the traditional corned beef and cabbage meal, sporting green garb and attending St. Patrick’s Day parades in their communities. Oh, and don’t forget commemorating the triumph of St. Patrick driving all the snakes out from Ireland. That’s a big one. A big Irish fallacy.

Most of the rituals we all know and love about St. Patrick’s Day are actually as American as apple pie. The truth is that pork and potatoes is really the standard Irish meal of the holiday, the traditional color associated with St. Patrick is actually blue, the first St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in New York City and there were never any snakes in Ireland! *catches breath*

“But, but that can’t be true… I mean, I thought – “

“St. Patrick wasn’t Irish.”

“Okay now you’ve crossed the line!”

But wait! Before you call me the Grinch of St. Patrick’s Day, there’s still something that is infallibly Irish to its core that we can all hang our leprechaun hats on. Something that has been enjoyed at every St. Patrick’s Day for almost 260 years and its roots begin in Dublin: Guinness.

Guinness Draught is the iconic drink of St. Patrick’s Day. It’s also probably Ireland’s greatest gift to the world. Pints of Guinness will be raised in St. Patrick’s name in over 150 countries. Known for its rich creamy head, Guinness draught is a smooth, dry stout with a perfect balance of bitter and sweet that is truly unique. And not only is Guinness great to drink but it can also complement many of your favorite recipes!

We’ve shared one such example below for a delicious Irish Guinness Brown Bread that won’t leave you disappointed. We hope it makes up for being let down by what you thought you knew about St. Patty’s Day. But you can still feel Irish for that day, just ask for a Guinness and hoist a pint of the black to St. Pat! (Guinness is actually ruby red)


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