St. Patrick’s Day 2018 – Promotions & Events in Knoxville

Bearden Field House – Heineken bottles $3.50, Guinness bottles $4.00

Bucket Head – $5.00 Guinness, $2.00 Miller Lite, Coors Light, Miller High Life & Coors Original 16oz cans.

Bull Feathers – $4.00 Guinness.

Cotton Eye Joe – Miller Lite Bikini Contest $2.50 Miller Lite Bottles, $3.50 Guinness bottles.

Flaherty’s – $ 4.00 Guinness all weekend.

Union Jacks – $5.00 Guinness, Harp & Smithwick

Casual Pint (Bearden) – Keg ‘n’ Eggs breakfast with Bogartz Food Artz and Irish beers. Starts at 9am.

Mind Yer P’s & Q’s – St. Patrick’s Day celebration with live music, a beer trailer, authentic food and more. Doors open at 11am.

Old City Annual St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl – Buy a $10 arm band starting at 5pm that gives you access to the following 11 locations: Carleo’s, Crown & Goose, Hanna’s, Jig & Reel, Love Shack, Merchants of Beer, Old City Wine Bar, Pour Taproom, Southbound, Urban Bar and Wagon Wheel.

Have fun and be safe. Sláinte!