A toast to good ole Dad

Posted on June 14, 2011 by Mary Ellen Brewington

The third Sunday in June is the perfect day to hang out with Dad, and there’s no better way to spend a sweltering East Tennessee afternoon than by cracking open a cold beer. This Father’s Day, celebrate your patriarch while sippin’ on a seasonal summer brew or with a cooler packed full of his favorites. One of the best gifts you can give Dad is simply spending time with him. Make plans to join him for one of his favorite pastimes – perhaps a round of golf, a barbeque, a fishing trip or a poker night. Then don’t forget to bring the refreshments! Whether you’ll be soaking up the sun on the lake or kicking back to catch a baseball game, packing a cooler the right way is essential to keeping your drinks icy and your father happy. Start by picking out a variety of beer the day before – perhaps some of Dad’s favorites as well as a few new brews you pick out just for him to try – and chilling them overnight. That way your beers will start out cold and stay cold all day. Before you head out, pack your cooler by putting a layer of ice along the bottom. Add a layer of beer and alternate with ice until the cooler is full. Lay cans horizontally and stand bottles up. To maximize cooling room, you can fit upside-down bottles in between the ones standing up. Keep the cooler out of direct sunlight so you can best quench your thirst until the sun goes down. When picking a variety of beverages for your Father’s Day activities, don’t forget to pack Dad’s favorite brews. There are also many delicious summer beers out on the shelves, so don’t be afraid to try a few new ones for the occasion. Here are some of our summertime picks:

  • Miller Chill is the original light beer with a hint of lime. This Latin-inspired brew will have you chilling from Cinco de Mayo through Labor Day.
  • Hoegaarden White Beer is a Belgian beer that pairs well with fish or other light dinner fare.
  • MGD 64 Lemonade is the latest from the Miller family. New this season, MGD 64 Lemonade is a citrus-flavored beer that keeps your beach body in shape and your taste buds happy.
  • Mike’s Hard Lemonade is a refreshing salute to Dad on any day. Natural lemon flavors with a little carbonation give that perfect kick to cool you off all summer long.

However you decide to spend your Father’s Day, remember to celebrate responsibly. Along with a toast of Dad’s choice brew, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated all summer long. Happy Father’s Day from Cherokee Distributing!

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