Founding Fathers beer tastes great, gives back

Cherokee Distributing Company is proud to introduce Founding Fathers beer to East Tennessee. Founding Fathers is a new American lager both owned and brewed in the United States that will donate half of its profits to the families of military troops.

Operation Homefront Tennessee and the Armed Forces Relief Trust will receive 50 percent of the profits from Founding Fathers Beer sold in Tennessee. Operation Homefront is a non-profit organization that provides emergency financial and other assistance to the families of service members and wounded warriors.

We’re always looking for brews that will appeal to the local consumer, and on top of great taste and quality, Founding Fathers is putting the money where the mouths are and donating half of its beer profits to local military families. We couldn’t think of a better recipe for success in a caring community like ours.

Founding Fathers Products is a company dedicated to producing products that represent the ideals embraced by early America. The company launched Founding Fathers Lager in Minnesota and North Dakota last November and recently debuted Founding Fathers Light Beer. Both the lager and the light brews are now available in Tennessee and will soon be available in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania and South Carolina. Founding Fathers will partner with local military organizations in each state as it expands distribution across the country.

On April 12, we gathered at Cherokee Distributing’s warehouse to toast the launch of Founding Fathers in Tennessee. Joining our employees were Phil Knutsen, founder and CEO of Founding Fathers, and representatives from Operation Homefront Tennessee.

Here are some photos from our gathering:

Phil Knutsen says Founding Fathers is thrilled to be introducing a new American beer choice that will both taste great and compete with the major, national foreign-owned brands.

Founding Fathers lager and light beers are now available in Tennessee!

So, grab a Founding Fathers and enjoy – not only are you kicking back with a great American beer, you’re contributing to the families of local military troops. Now, that’s a win-win!

Note: Our friend Carly Harrington from the News Sentinel joined us for our launch celebration as well. Here’s her column on Founding Fathers coming to Knoxville:

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