A new ‘boo’ brew for the new you

Posted on October 25, 2013 by Chelsea Morgan

While Halloween may carry a bit of a trick-or-treat theme no matter how old you are, the last day of October for adults is a lot more than an evening spent in pursuit of sweets. For Cherokee Distributing Company, the real treat is choosing which brew to ‘boo’ with on Halloween.

Halloween is an opportunity to indulge in some experimentation. Safe in our costumes and newly adopted personas, Halloween invites us to shake up our beverage routine. So, for this year’s festivities, we suggest you incorporate a few new flavors into your brew, and the more unique the better. And    don’t forget aesthetics – creative labeling often signals tasty and innovative contents.

While ciders are a staple of the season, Angry Orchard’s unique Apple Ginger cider can add some variety to the ice chest with its sweet, yet tart apple taste and warm and spicy ginger finish. Complete the offerings for your guests with an earthier brew, such as the apple and citrus notes of Angry Orchard’s Strawman, and you have all you need to appease any cider lover while keeping with the adventurous Halloween spirit.

If ales appeal more to your taste, reach past your “go-to” brew and try one with an interesting combination of rich, seasonal flavors. White Zombie Ale from Catawba serves up flavors of bitter orange peel and freshly ground coriander, giving Zombie a complex, subtly sweet flavor. Add Red Brick Brewing’s Laughing Skull Amber Ale to your menu to incorporate the tastes of toffee and caramel, finished by bites of hoppy spice. In addition to offering great taste, both ales are labeled with ghoulish images, making them guaranteed crowd pleasers at any spooky shindig.

For those who are still a bit resistant to abandoning the old faithful brew for a night, we suggest choosing a relative of an old favorite. Take the Boston Beer Company’s line of brews, for example. We’re certain a delicious bottle of Samuel Adams Boston Lager has made its way into your fridge before, so why not experiment while keeping tastes within the Sam Adams family? Samuel Adams combines stout coffee and chocolate flavors with Belgian ale spice to create its 13th Hour Stout. Commonly referred to as the witching hour, 13th Hour’s name refers to the high gravity brew’s mysterious flavor combination that is sure to leave a haunting impression, despite its classically smooth and roasted maltiness.

Whether you choose to shake up flavors with an ice-cold glass of spicy Apple Ginger cider or prefer to crack open a Laughing Skull, be sure to sample at least one of the season’s inventive brews and truly engage in the Halloween spirit.

Indulge in the new “you” while enjoying a newfound brew. And, as always, drink responsibly.

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