Happy New Year from Cherokee Distributing!

We’ve bid adieu to 2013 but let’s look back at what was popular and peek ahead to what’s brewing in 2014.

It is our job to keep up with beverage trends and distribute the goods. From flavorful shandies to inventive brews labeled with flying canines, our suppliers send us the best of the best, allowing us to stay on top of the trendiest tastes on the market.

As 2013 closed, we reminisced on a year of artisan beers, microbrews and fruit-inspired libations while anticipating what new tastes we can look forward to 2014.

Innovation was a key component in 2013’s most beloved brews. This same originality will continue into 2014, bringing with it a beverage reinvented from old tradition – sour beer. While the sour flavors of this drink are typically produced through the manipulation of wild yeast and wood barrel aging, modern makers use fruits and good microbes to develop its signature twang. With few or no hops in sour beer, the taste is tart but not bitter.

Although not officially considered a sour beer, those interested in the unique tartness and mild sweet flavors of sour beer should sample Boston Beer Company’s Samuel Adams Tetravis and Rebel IPA to get an idea of what is coming in 2014. And while sour beer will gain steam in the United States, it is actually one of the oldest brewing styles in the world.

Another distinct flavor we look forward to trending in the coming year is ginger, specifically alcoholic ginger beer. With specialty at-home soda makers and brands providing consumers with artisan soft drinks, old favorites like ginger beer are anticipated to receive a small reinvention with more varieties developed to appeal to a wider range of tastes and entertaining options.

Get ahead of the curve and try Angry Orchard Apple Ginger, brewed by Angry Orchard. This concoction of crisp apple and Nigerian ginger creates a cider of spiciness and warmth.

Speaking of ciders, that is one of the fastest growing segments in the United States adult beverage market. Angry Orchard offers an assortment of ciders from Iceman to Strawman.  Another delightful choice is the sophisticated taste of Stellar Artois Cidre. And just like the Angry Orchard and Stella Artois selections, there are savory gluten-free offerings by Crispin Original and Woodchuck Amber Draft Cider.

Sriracha made a huge splash in 2013 – from red pepper-favored potato chips to pepper flakes in your Bloody Mary. And while it’s not likely that hot sauce inspired beers will cover store shelves entirely, Sriracha did lay some groundwork for beer drinkers and their love of unique, Asian-inspired tastes. For 2014, we expect the Eastern tastes to become even more widespread, making Asahi Breweries’ Asahi Super Dry, Japan’s most popular beer, and China’s Tsingtao Lager popular choices alongside Asian cuisine.

We hope you’ll enjoy the beginning of 2014 by indulging in your favorite beverages and sampling some of the upcoming year’s emerging trends. As always, drink responsibly, and Happy New Year from Cherokee Distributing Company! It is our pleasure to serve you.

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