Perfect pairs for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Cue the cupids, roses and heart-shaped candies and prepare yourselves for a day celebrating togetherness. The 14th of February means couples, romance, chocolates and stuffed teddy bears.

Cherokee Distributing Company also likes to focus on coupling, as in the perfect beverage pairings for Valentine’s Day. We’ve assembled some great tasting flavor combinations that are sure to please your sweetheart – and perhaps your sweet tooth!

As you nibble on chocolates, sip a cold glass of French Broad Brewing Company’s Anvil Porter for a taste combination that’s a match made in heaven. This deliciously sweet, medium-bodied brew offers dark-roasted malts and hints of chocolate that are perfect to pair with Valentine’s Day treats.

Whether this Friday calls for dinner with family and friends or a romantic evening with your significant other, St. Pauli Girl’s Special Dark lager is great alongside dinnertime favorites like a juicy steak or a red-hot dish with a bit of spice. Single or coupled, St. Pauli Girl will be happy to be your Valentine.

For dessert, both Lagunitas Brewing Company’s Imperial Stout and Purple Haze by Abita make delicious complements to tasty after-dinner courses. Imperial Stout’s sweet taste with notes of coffee, chocolate and caramel pair perfectly with fruit desserts like cherry pie.

Purple Haze’s fruity aroma and tartly sweet taste developed by the addition of raspberry puree are accented by rich tastes of chocolate. This brew is best served with light fruit desserts, such as soufflés or chiffon cakes, as well as chocolate dishes or anything made with Mascarpone. Or, consider enjoying Purple Haze alone at the end of your meal as a uniquely refreshing dessert option.

For Valentine’s Day festivities that call for a brew that is versatile and sure to be enjoyed by all, try pairing your plans with Blue Moon Brewing Company’s Belgian White Ale. Determined the favorite beer pick of 2013 in a national survey, the Belgian White Ale’s gentle citrus flavor suits any plans you may have for Feb. 14 – especially if you’re hosting a singles’ party with lots of guests!

So, find your perfect pair – beer pair that is! – and enjoy these great brews on Valentine’s Day. And, as always, please drink responsibly.

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