Sweet treats and favorite drinks

Let’s welcome March with open arms – not because it means spring is closer or warmer temperatures are on the way. Those are welcome, too, but perhaps most importantly: this time of year means the arrival of Girl Scout cookies!

February 28 marked the beginning of this delectable cookie season in East Tennessee via the arrival of boxes you ordered or booths you pass on the way into area stores. Those who are 21 and older can pair the scrumptious cookies with savory beverages for a unique adults-only twist. We selected several of our favorite cookies and the brew that best complements each sweet treat.

Thin Mints: In 2012, Good Morning America conducted a poll that showed Thin Mints were by far Americans’ favorite Girl Scout cookie, making up 25 percent of cookie sales. We recommend pairing this fan favorite with a glass of Guinness Draught. The stout’s smooth taste with notes of coffee, dark malt and dark chocolate are a decadent complement to the chocolaty mint flavors of Thin Mints.

Samoas: In choosing a beverage to pair with this treat’s coconut, caramel and chocolate flavors, we looked for a brew complex enough to complement while not overshadowing the multiple tastes. Rogue Brewing Company’s Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout fits the bill. With its earthy flavor and smooth, chocolaty finish, Oatmeal Stout provides an intriguing flavor combination that highlights the gooey goodness of Samoas.

Tagalongs: For the rich and creamy peanut butter taste of Tagalongs, Duck-Rabbit Brewery’s Milk Stout is our recommendation for a pairing that emphasizes the sweet, nutty flavors of another Girl Scout cookie favorite. Featuring milk sugar for sweetness, this brew’s sharp flavor and dark pour make it an excellent full-bodied stout that combines perfectly with Tagalongs’ peanut butter flavor.

Trefoils: Shortbread goodness in every single bite means you can eat an entire sleeve of these cookies in a single setting. That calls for a thirst-quenching light beer and the smooth taste of Keystone Light brewed by MillerCoors leaves plenty of room for another Trefoil. And another. And another.

So, be sure to stop by your local Girl Scout booth and pick up some boxes of classic goodness – and pair them not with a cup of milk but with a refreshing pint of beer! Enjoy an extra cookie for us and, as always, drink responsibly.

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