Beer-inspired foods burst with flavor

Ice cold beers and delicious food are a perfect match. Natch. But what about beer flavors becoming intertwined with food? That may at first seem like an oddity, but the beers we love have inspired delectable, edible fares from jelly beans to cheese to ice cream.

Let’s start with a favorite treat – the simple jelly bean. Inspired by the brand’s supremely rich German heritage, Jelly Belly Candy Co. has released the world’s first beer-flavored jelly beans. Malty with notes of wheat, the flavor burst is comparable to the exotic blend of 13 ingredients inSamuel Adams Thirteenth Hour. After three years of perfecting the “Draft Beer” jelly bean, even the aroma is authentically bready. These jelly beans are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, but they do not contain alcohol – so for those looking for the real thing, you may need to crack open your favorite brew to accompany this unique treat.

Keeping with the trend, Knoxville bakery Magpies periodically offers a seasonal chocolate Guinness stout cake. The rich stout flavor in this dark chocolate cake makes it the perfect companion for a Guinness Original Extra Stout.

Putting a new spin on the wine-and-cheese pairing, Washington-based River Valley Cheese features Naughty Nellie cheese, a raw milk tomme bathed in Naughty Nellie Ale. Rind-washed in this classic, golden pale ale, this cheese delivers an utterly crisp and somewhat fruity flavor taste. Order this unique cheese from the website and indulge by pairing it with a complementary, ice-cold Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

For a superior nightcap, beer and ice cream have come together in a wonderful way. Earlier this year, Downtown Knoxville eatery Coolato Gelato featured a limited-time Blue Moon gelato.The sweetness of ice cream and malty goodness of this brew with notes of citrus paired perfectly for a sweet-and-savory spoonful. Keep an eye out for other adult beverage-inspired sweet treats on Coolato Gelato’s ever-changing menu.

Just as craft beers became more diverse, this may be just the beginning of the beer-flavored, beer-inspired foods revolution. And judging from the tasty treats already available, it’s a welcome one.

Next time you’re craving a cold brew and a sweet snack, remember you can have the best of both worlds. Cheers, and always remember to drink responsibly!


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