Something to sip on this spring

Posted on April 15, 2011 by Mary Ellen Brewington

Spring is here, and Cherokee Distributing Company wants to make sure you know that we offer delicious drinks beyond our extensive portfolio of beers.

The days are warmer and longer. The sun shines brighter, and people just seem happier – must be the sunny Vitamin D mixed with the dogwoods and tulips! Cherokee Distributing Company is out delivering many spring libations that will whet your whistle and keep you cool through the spring and summer months.

The Original Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea: In 2001 a dedicated team of Tea Brewmasters decided that hard iced tea should taste as delicious as real iced tea, and they successfully created Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea. Available in cans and bottles, Twisted Tea is 5% alcohol by volume and is made from a delicious blend of teas and real lemon.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade: Lemonade for grownups goes well with any cookout or picnic. This hard lemonade combines natural lemon flavors with a splash of carbonation. Now Mike’s is offering Lite Hard Lemonade, a gluten-free version of the original featuring fewer calories. Its crisp, refreshing all-natural flavors will help you get bikini-ready for summer.

Admiral Iced Tea: You’ll love this premium, ready-to-drink iced tea in a can. Admiral Iced Tea is a smooth, non-alcoholic beverage made from teas sourced from India, England and the Pacific Rim. Available in 23-ounce cans, Admiral Iced Tea offers flavors to suit any taste: lemon, mango, sweet, raspberry and green.

XINGtea: These artisan-crafted iced green teas are loaded with antioxidants and sweetened with pure cane sugar and honey. XINGtea is non-alcoholic, created by pouring hot tea in the cans to eliminate the need for preservatives while maintaining the fresh flavor. Our XINGtea flavors include: sweet, mint, ginseng, mango, peach, blueberry and half & half (tea and lemonade).

Fire up the grill and invite special friends to celebrate spring with these tasty beverages – whether traditional or with a twist. Do you have any spring recipes that go well with our teas and lemonades? Please use the comment section to let us know. We would love to hear from you.

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