Drink in the red, white and blue

Posted on June 27, 2011 by Mary Ellen Brewington

As if long, sunny days weren’t enough cause to celebrate, the summer brings the most notable and patriotic of American holidays: the Fourth of July.

The Fourth guarantees fun times for all whether you plan to grill out with friends, head to the lake with family or enjoy a neighborhood block party.

Along with fireworks shows, star-spangled décor and the playing of patriotic tunes, toasting our country with a cold beer is another great American pastime. So, pick up a few festive bottles of “red, white and blue,” and enjoy the long weekend:

Thomas Creek River Falls Red Ale – Medium-bodied and extremely smooth, this red ale boasts an evenly roasted malt character from start to finish. It may be an Irish-style red ale, but it’s brewed in the heart of upstate South Carolina. And, July 4 is the perfect day to celebrate a taste from the good ol’ American melting pot.

Hoegaarden White Beer – The oldest and most famous Hoegaarden beer, this shimmery pale ale features the aroma of orange peel, coriander and spice. This white beer is smooth, light-bodied and simultaneously sweet and sour, with a subtle, spiced citrus flavor. Hoegaarden, a little village in Belgium, is the birthplace of “wheat beer.” For beer lovers, that sounds like a birthplace worthy of celebrating right along with America’s birthday.

Pabst Blue Ribbon – You can’t go wrong with this classic American-style premium lager. With the familiar hoppy intensity and smooth finish, PBR is simply as American as apple pie – a blue ribbon pie at that. For those mindful of swimsuit season, be sure to check out PBR Light.

We hope your palate enjoys this colorful representation of the beloved Stars and Stripes, and we hope you enjoy a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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