Cross the long run off your bucket list this summer

Posted on June 5, 2012 by Andrew Tanker

Whether you’re training for your half-marathon, Warrior Dash, Spartan Race or Tough Mudder this summer, hydration is going make the difference between crossing the finish line victoriously and hitching a ride back to the start line in a cab.

Make no mistake about it: these races will not be easy, and your body will need help to gain the energy it needs to sprint across the line ahead of the hoard of other racers, and Cherokee Distributing Company is here to help. Dump the popular sports drinks with empty calories and give Vidration a try. You won’t regret it.

According to LiveSTRONG, runners must fight the dangerous levels of free radical intake with antioxidants, which is why you should be drinking Vidration Defense as you train. The pomegranate, acai and blueberry drink is loaded with vitamins, polyphenols and Vitamin C that counteract these molecules.

Before the race, carb-loading is a must, but hydration will also help you avoid hitting “the wall,” as well. Runner’s World has a list of recommended foods high in carbs that includes: wholegrain bread with peanut butter, cereal and milk, spaghetti carbonara, and grilled chicken, among others. To go with these foods, Vidration Power will get you going with ginseng, Vitamin B and Zinc.

After long training sessions and the big event itself, your body will feel beat down, needing to restore all the energy and vitamins it just lost during the run. Both Vidration Recover and Multi-V will help ward off post-race injuries with multiple vitamins and powerful antioxidants. Marathon Rookie believes you should weigh as much after the run as you did before, so you’ll need to drink back all the water weight you dropped. The post-race is just as important as the training the led up to it, so take it seriously, put the fluids back in your body and find a banana and an ice bath.

There’s nothing like the runner’s high you’ll get after finishing one of your big bucket list items, but just be prepared for the journey. That way your body will be able to take on the next big challenge you throw its way.

Best of luck to everyone training for a summer race, and remember to stay hydrated!

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