Savor the summer with Blue Moon

Posted on May 29, 2013 by Andi Overby

Summer is the perfect time of year to relax next to a campfire with a cold brew or sit on your back porch watching the sunset with a tall glass of red wine. But you shouldn’t have to choose between your two favorite evening refreshers!

The makers of Blue Moon Belgian White Ale have an answer: a special seasonal treat for those of you who enjoy the malty freshness of beer and the smooth finish of wine. The Summer Vintage Ale Collection is truly “Inspired By the Vine. Perfected in the Brew Kettle.

Golden Knot, a sparkling white wine and wheat combination, is made from the grapes of Chardonnay to achieve hints of crisp apple and kiwi. Pair it with grilled seafood at the beach or a chicken and fruit salad for a light meal.

Crimson Crossing, another new Blue Moon Vintage ale, is crafted with the rich juice of Merlot grapes and white wheat and features black cherry and raspberry notes. This full-bodied red ale goes great with prime rib or a chocolaty dessert.

The Summer Vintage Ale Collection has the right blend of hoppy brews and full-bodied wines straight from the vine to please any palate this summer. Be on the lookout for a new fan-crafted winter release coming this November and other seasonal Vintage selections.

Until then, let’s kick off the summer with a Blue Moon Vintage Ale and remember to celebrate the season responsibly. Cheers!

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