Viva Mexico! Viva Beer!

Posted on September 12, 2013

Many Americans and Mexican-Americans enjoy Cinco de Mayo celebrations each spring. But why wait until May to enjoy a fiesta with some tasty south-of-the-border brews?

A couple hundred years ago, Father Miguel Hidalgo rallied the people of Delores, Mexico, to initiate the country’s fight for independence from Spain. By ringing the church bell 203 years ago on the night of September 16, Father Hidalgo memorialized that day as a celebration for all Mexican people.

Although it’s not 1810, Mexico’s biggest holiday is still reason enough to celebrate unity, liberation and libation!

There are several delicious beers that offer a Mexican twist. Corona Extra is a classic brew that’s even better topped off with a lime, and don’t forget the Vienna-style Dos Equis Amber. The Most Interesting Man in the World would agree that this nutty lager is tasty enough to drink all year – not just while celebrating Mexico’s independence.

Now, there are also some hidden gems from our Mexican friends that offer just as much flavor and fulfillment as their mainstream counterparts. Carta Blanca is a golden lager, brewed in the Mexican tradition since 1890. At your next party, serve Carta Blanca with traditional Mexican dishes like tamales, pico de gallo or spicy salsa.

We also recommend celebrating with Modelo Especial, the No. 3 imported beer in the United States. Brewed in Mexico since 1925, this full-flavored beer features subtle sweetness balanced with light hops, and it pairs well with a good steak.

Next time you’re satisfying a craving at the local cantina, try Pacifico Clara. This Mexican pilsner is made from top-choice hops and barley, along with water from natural springs in Mazatlan. It pairs well with any seafood; we suggest trying it with some spicy fish tacos.

With these festive beers in hand, you’re set to celebrate this Mexican Independence Day in authentic style. So join us, as we here at Cherokee Distributing Company raise a glass to the Fatherland of so many “cervezas de delicioso!”

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