Tapping into technology: Beer apps

Posted on October 21, 2013 by Mary Moates

We use our cell phones for everything these days. Your smartphone is a GPS, instant communicator and restaurant guide all-in-one. So, why not find the best happy hour deals or track down that seasonal brew you’ve been craving?

Get the most out of your smartphone, and tap into something every beer lover can find useful: beer apps.

You can find a variety of apps to fit the needs of any beer drinker, and most of them are inexpensive or free! Here’s an overview of some of the most popular beer apps on the market.

BeerCloud is a free app with an abundance of features useful for beer lovers. App users have the ability to locate favorite beers, read information about local breweries and research beer and food pairings. One of the best components of this app, however, is the option to scan a beer’s barcode at the store and view a full product description in seconds. It’s a handy guide to make your beer-aisle shopping more successful as you look for a new favorite brew!

If you’re counting calories, DrinkFit is the app for you. With nutritional information for more than 1,600 beers, liquors and cocktails, this app can help you stay on track with your diet while still enjoying a favorite brew or a night out with friends. App users can calculate calories one drink at a time, and the “My Night” feature allows you to tally total caloric consumption for an entire evening. The app costs $1.99, but it’s well worth the price for calorie-conscious beer lovers to be able to have their beer and drink it, too!

Pintley is IMDb meets Facebook for beer drinkers. With a huge beer database, this free app gives users new recommendations based on their personal ratings of different brews and breweries they’ve tried. By accessing a user’s location, Pintley also issues alerts on local free beer tastings.

The Beer Bible is a steal at $0.99 because it has so much to offer. With lists of common beer terminology, users can brush up on their brew lingo, which makes this app a must-have for any budding beer aficionado. Not only does it provide access to local brewery profiles, it also features information about hundreds of breweries around the world. Users can read about and search for specialty brews as well as record taste notes about each product or brewery. You can also post your notes directly to Facebook to share with friends.

While apps for beer lovers are developed daily, these are a few of our favorites. So, download an app and let us know how it changes your beer experience! As always, drink responsibly.

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