Serve up seasonal brews at holiday parties

The month of December means a calendar full of holiday parties, and that’s one reason we love this time of the year at Cherokee Distributing Company. Gatherings of family, friends and coworkers are the perfect opportunity to catch up, reconnect, have fun and try some festive brews.

Many of our favorite breweries offer seasonal beers and ciders that capture the tastes, aromas and colors of the season. Look for these and other limited-time offerings in your local grocery or beer specialty stores, as well as on the menu at select restaurants and bars:

The beauty of these brews and ciders is twofold – the bottles can be as festive as the names with seasonal colors and images, and many seasonal beers pair well with holiday dinners and party foods. For example, Cinnful Apple goes well with honey-glazed ham and ginger ice cream; Gingerbread Spiced Ale is perfect with cheeses and desserts made with ginger, cinnamon or chocolate; and White Christmas is wonderful with roasted turkey and potato leek soup.

The ales are perfect for cold weather parties, as the frosty concoctions are spice-filled to also warm you up, such as Winter Lager and Old Fezziwig Ale, which both have orange peel, ginger and cinnamon. Christmas Ale is as festive as its name sounds, and the brew recipe changes every year so it’s like opening a new present. It also pairs splendidly with gingerbread and spiced nuts, so it’s a perfect selection to place in a bucket of ice on the snacks table.

Whether you’re throwing the party or arriving with a special brew to present the host or hostess, try these holiday offerings to add spice and flavor to the season. And, as always, drink responsibly.

Cheers to a wonderful and flavorful holiday!

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