The ABCs of craft beer – Part 2

Imagine grabbing an ale, shandy or IPA after work with friends. One of your buddies asks, “How does your beer taste?” You reply, “Good.” That answer may not be good enough. Is it crisp? Smooth? Hoppy? Your friend wants to know details and whether or not to order it for himself – and not knowing the proper way to describe … Read More

The ABCs of craft beer – Part 1

Are you a budding beer aficionado? Trying to hang with your craft beer buddies? Just can’t figure out how to order a pint at the local beer pub? Beer talk can be intimidating when you’re first introduced to craft beer or you’re around friends who are experienced connoisseurs. Certain terms and phrases can leave new drinkers thirsty for knowledge. That’s why … Read More

Cheers to Saint Paddy’s Day

You should see more green around town over the next few days. It’s not just because spring is starting to arrive, we hope. It’s because St. Patrick’s Day is Tuesday, March 17. If you’re hosting or attending Saint Paddy’s Day parties this weekend – or on the day of the official holiday – check out our recommendations for authentic Irish … Read More

Great beer? Bottoms up!

Thanks to Lauren Miller of Moxley Carmichael for writing this guest post.  –Mary Ellen Brewington. Fat Bottom Brewing: The name is playful, bold, maybe a little irreverent. It gets a Queen lyric stuck in my head (Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin’ world go round … ), and that’s fine by me. It also epitomizes in many ways what … Read More

The taste of Oktoberfest in East Tennessee

Four thousand, six hundred and forty seven miles. That is the distance between Knoxville and Munich, Germany, but there’s no need to travel that far. You can celebrate Oktoberfest in a variety of ways here at home. Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival – it originated with a royal wedding in 1810 – and officially was celebrated in Munich … Read More

Miller Lite flows with retro look

Thanks to Michael Tremoulis, who is currently completing an internship at Moxley Carmichael, for writing this guest post.  –Mary Ellen Brewington.  “New vintage” is the latest trend, and the iconic Miller Lite beer can has epitomized that style in 2014. Last January, Miller Lite launched a campaign to bring back its retro can design. The iconic can was intended to … Read More

Join together to toast International Beer Day

From bars in Bavaria to tailgates in Tennessee, beer is an integral part of cultural identity. Like music, it brings people together with shared interests and common purpose. The first Friday in August – which this year falls on Aug. 1 – is recognized around the world as International Beer Day thanks to the efforts of four guys in the … Read More

Suds and spice, brats and brews

Coffee and doughnuts, wine and cheese, milk and cookies – all tried-and-true flavor combinations. In light of July 23 being deemed National Hot Dog Day, we decided to explore another match made in heaven: brats and brews!

Red, White and Brews

Let freedom ring! From sea to shining sea, the Fourth of July is a special holiday to celebrate all things red, white and blue. Nothing says Independence Day like icing down some cold brews and toasting the states that make up our great country. Our suppliers set up shop from coast to coast, producing delicious, innovative beers that become popular … Read More

Hoist a brew and sing ‘O Canada’

The United States isn’t the only country with a birthday in July. America’s friendly northern neighbor celebrates Canada Day on July 1, and it’s the perfect opportunity to sample some Canadian beers. Canada Day, once known as Dominion Day, marks the anniversary of the British North America Act (now the Constitution Act) that went into effect July 1, 1867. The … Read More