An American Craft: Our love affair with craft beer

An American Craft Americans are defined by independence and innovation. Therefore it’s no surprise that our national interest in craft beers has grown into a full-blown love affair. According to the Brewers Association, “The number of craft brewers has gone from 8 in 1980 to 537 in 1994 to 1,501 in 2008.” Wow! We love our suds here in the … Read More

What does moderation mean for you?

Drinking alcohol affects everyone differently. Men typically can handle more alcohol than women. Age and weight are also factors. Moderate drinking is a personal level of consumption at which you don’t pose a risk to yourself or others. And, you don’t embarrass yourself by waking up the next day questioning, “What did I say while dancing on top of that … Read More

Applications for beer aficionados

At Cherokee Distributing Company we love gizmos and gadgets. We grew up on funky yet functional tap knobs, brilliantly colored neon signs and arrays of malt beverage novelties. In 2009 we have found two cool and techno-friendly beer lover applications for the iPhone or iTouch: iBeers Professional and Beer Brands.

Bar, pub, tavern: No matter what the name, it’s where we love to hang!

Most neighborhoods have at least one favorite watering hole where friends meet after work, watch ball games and spontaneously create late-night after-parties. These pubs are those special places where, according to the popular television show “Cheers,” everybody knows your name. You have a favorite seat at the bar. The soundtracks of your life will be on the playlist. Your favorite beer … Read More

A better place

George Sampson opened Cherokee Distributing Company in 1958, thus beginning his love affair with the beer business and with East Tennessee. Equipped with determination and a risk taker’s heart, George was willing to sweat through the hard times to build one of the most successful malt beverage distribution businesses in the United States. George believes that East Tennessee is the … Read More